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The World's First Smart Device & App For Mindfulness

Top performers, professional athletes, business leaders – even a U.S. astronaut who spent 355 days in space – all use mental focus and meditation to perform at their peak. Now you can too.

Stillaton is the first smart device and app designed to elevate your ability to focus on the present moment. It tracks your breathing and micro motions for real-time training of your attention span and mental muscles.

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Train Your Mind Like A Muscle

If you’ve found mindfulness meditation to be difficult – or worse, boring! – Stillaton will literally change your mind.

We train your mind like a muscle, with simple workouts and fun challenges that keep you engaged and motivated. You’ll see real results with proven SMART goal-setting routines (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timebound).

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You're In Control With Real-Time Feedback

The Stillaton app makes your SMART workouts motivating to perform with real-time feedback. The app also makes it easy to set goals, monitor progress, improve techniques, and celebrate successes. You can see results in as little as five minutes a day!

The Modern Way To Mindfulness

Mindfulness may be an ancient practice, but its benefits are well-documented – and Stillaton takes a 21st century approach to helping you achieve the most from it.

Building focus and mental muscle starts with slowing your breathing and minimizing your body’s motions. The Stillaton AI-Powered device & app aids your ability to train both mind and body as you focus on your SMART workout routines.

Easy To Use

Suit Up
Wear the pendant over your sternum and connect to app via Bluetooth. 
Sit Down
Select workout, find a comfortable spot and sit upright.

Loosen Up
Begin by taking a deep breath and let go – find your calm center. 

Dial Down
Now focus - slow your breathing and hold your core to minimize sway.

Build A Mindful Connection To Others

Train by yourself or with friends. The Stillaton app will connect you to a larger community of people ready to motivate and inspire you. Stillaton is also great a great program for corporate team building and events. 

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We are launching soon. Reserve your exclusive discount now!

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